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Second Hand Tyres & Wheels in Melbourne and Surrounding Areas

If you need new tyres for your vehicle in Melbourne, Ringwood or Bayswater, there are options available that you may not have previously considered. For instance, there are many good reasons why you should shop for and buy second hand tyres and wheels for your vehicle.

At Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart, we offer top-quality second hand tyres and wheels that are a great addition to any vehicle. It’s important to realise that we don't just sell any tyres and wheels; we sell only the best products for your vehicle.

Choose from a Wide Selection

As these are second hand tyres and wheels, our available sizes and options are always changing. However, we do strive to keep a good selection of typical sizes in stock while also managing to find a few rarer and more unique options for specialist vehicles.

Second Hand Tyres & Wheels at Low Prices

The biggest advantage of buying second hand tyres and wheels in Melbourne, Ringwood or Bayswater is that you can pick up like-new tyres and wheels at just a fraction of what they would cost you brand new.

Changing out tyres and wheels is common with car enthusiasts. Many people take the OEM tyres and wheels off their vehicles immediately and go with aftermarket options. If you’re looking at doing this but want to save some money, second hand tyres are an ideal choice.

Give us a call today to discover our current selection of second hand tyres and wheels.