Your Search for Best Quality Products End With Canterbury

Canterbury Tyres & Mag Supamart has been serving Melbourne with Volkswagen tyres and wheels for almost 30 years. After much deliberation, we chose to establish ourselves in Australia.

We have made sure that the people we hired are specialists in everything from Volkswagen wheels to tyres and everything in between. It isn't only about our goods, however. It's not even about our service, to be honest. Through a unique store design, we aimed to offer the ideal Volkswagen tyres, wheel, and automotive experience.

Offer Premium Performance & Upgraded Looks to Your Vehicles

Our satisfactory consumer service approach has gotten us some attention in the automotive press. You'll understand what we mean when you walk in and see our wall of Volkswagen mag wheels!

But it's not just about Volkswagen tyre prices and model appearances. Our Melbourne shop is also run by some smart people. Our Australia shop is set up in such a way that our clients can easily view the Volkswagen wheels and rims that are available for their car. Additionally, our team is always available to hold rims next to your car or assist you in browsing through our picture library of satisfied clients.

We want to make sure that you, our client, are completely satisfied. If you are dissatisfied with Volkswagen rims and tyres and it's service you get when you receive the car, or if one of our goods fails to meet your expectations, we feel we failed in our intention. That is our assurance to you.

We are pleased to give you the same or better service with Volkswagen wheel repair in Melbourne than any dealership. We will ensure that you do not violate your manufacturer guarantee.

We Stock an Expansive Product Range!

Contact us for the best Volkswagen alloy wheels, mags, rims and tyres models and price range. Flock through our extensive range of products at You can also email us your enquiry at -