Understanding Mag Wheels

If you have been to any of the classic or new car shows in Melbourne, Ringwood or Bayswater, or even if you are browsing car ads online, you will often see or hear the term mag wheels. You will also see these types of wheels on the pages of our Canterbury Tyre website.

Mag wheels simple refers to the type of alloy used in the manufacturing of the wheel. In this case “mag” refers to magnesium, which is a very lightweight, durable type of alloy that is even lighter than aluminium while still being strong enough to be used on racing cars all over the world.

The Origins

The first mag wheels were supplied to the car buying public on the early muscle cars produced and solid in America in the 1960s. They were typically high shine types of wheels that were distinctly different than the wheels sold on sedans and luxury vehicles of the time.

The combination of design options and performance quickly put these types of wheels into the forefront of the aftermarket wheel industry. While mag wheels are not the only custom wheel option today, they are still one of the most popular.

The Mag Wheels of Today

Today’s mag wheels, which are found on many different types and models of cars around Ringwood, Bayswater and Melbourne, still have this distinctive style and shine. They come in a range of different looks, finishes and styles and often considered the top pick for any type of vehicle where you want to really make a great impression.