Why Melbourne, Ringwood And Bayswater Drivers Should Consider Alloy Wheels

At Canterbury Tyre we understand that the wheels on your car are more than just another part. In fact, our selection of different types of classic and new model wheels is carefully chosen to allow you to choose the design and style that suit your personal taste. For most drivers in Melbourne, Ringwood and Bayswater we recommended alloy wheels whenever you are upgrading from your current wheels.

Most new vehicles are now sold with alloy wheels because they are lightweight, increase fuel efficiency compared to the heavy steel wheels, and they also increase the handling with your car, truck or SUV. Available in all standard wheel sizes they are the best choice for any type of passenger vehicle on the road today.

The Manufacturing Process

Alloy wheels are cast or pressure forged, which means that there is a lot of room for new designs and full customisation of the wheels. Since they are lightweight even solid looking alloy wheels are not going to be a drag on the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. They will also not impact acceleration or steering, making driving even more pleasant and your vehicle much more responsive.

Finishes of Alloy Wheels for Bayswater, Ringwood and Melbourne Drivers

Another benefit of alloy wheels in this area of the world is that they are highly resistant to pitting, rusting and staining, even in wet or hot and dry conditions. They can be finished using a variety of different techniques allowing you to choose between matte, painted, polished or chromed surfaces to coordinate with the look you want for your vehicle.