Wheel Alignment

Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment In Melbourne, Ringwood and Bayswater

If you are driving your vehicle in Melbourne, Ringwood and Bayswater and notice any signs of pulling to one side of the road or the other, of if you notice a vibration in your steering while going straight and cornering you should come in to Canterbury Tyre as soon as possible for a wheel alignment.

Another typically sign of the need for a wheel alignment is an off centre steering wheel that is turned one direction or the other even when you are driving on a straight stretch of road. However, all vehicle manufacturers recommend regular wheel alignments based on mileage on the car because often by the time the signs are present there is already significant problems.

What does a Wheel Alignment in Melbourne, Bayswater and Ringwood Correct?

A wheel alignment really adjusts the suspension of the vehicle so that the wheels are correctly positioned under the vehicle. The suspension can easily be put out of alignment by hitting holes in the road, bumping a curb or even running over debris on the road.

The actual alignment is completed by a very specialised machine that is controlled by a computer. Precise measurements are taken by the equipment on the suspension and then adjustments are automatically performed to bring the vehicle into correct alignment thus positioning the wheels accurately and to specifications.

The Benefits

The benefits of a routine wheel alignment for drivers in Ringwood, Melbourne and Bayswater is a better overall ride, less risk of expensive repairs to the vehicle’s suspension and better tyre wear.

This process will ensure that your tyres as all sitting in the correct position, creating uniform wear across the entire tyre rather than wearing out either the inside or outside of the tyre faster leading to lower tyre life.