Top Tips to Keep Your Tyres and Wheels Clean and Functional


Top Tips to Keep Your Tyres and Wheels Clean and Functional
As a vehicle owner you need to be aware that besides having a shiny polished look for the body of your car, you have to ensure that the tyres and wheels are also kept in a clean condition. Dirty tyres can bring down the appearance of any car, so follow the tips given below to see that your car is kept in tip top condition:

On regular cleaning
If you do not regularly see to tyre cleaning the brakes of the car or the sun’s heat could in time bake contaminants into the wheels, making future cleaning extremely difficult. If possible you should avoid taking your car to an automatic car wash centre. 

The pressure washing, rough brushes and metal rails used could cause damage to the finish on the wheels. Also avoid using any degreasers, abrasives or chemical cleaners for wheel cleaning they will have a damaging effect on the finish.

Steps for cleaning the wheels and tyres
You need to keep the following items handy. A large bucket; water hose; tyre cleaner; cleaner brushes; microfiber towels; clean cloth for drying; waxing cloth and wax protectant; tyre dressing solution. Once you have all the required cleaning items ready, go through the following steps:

  • You should park the car in an area that is clean with good ventilation. By cleaning the tyres before cleaning the car you will avoid any splashing on the car body.
  • Use the water hose to loosen the muck and dust deposit on the tires. Then apply a cleaner solution.
  • Once the general grime is loosened, use the brush for rim cleaning and removing the dirt which has accumulated on the wheels. Once this is done, rinse and wash away as much dirt as possible. Now use the microfiber cloth to dry off the rim and tyres. Do not use a synthetic or cotton cloth as such items will not absorb the water and wet spots and not allow the solution to be effective. You could also use an air dryer to get a spotless finish.
  • When the tyres are completely dry apply the wax paste and let that dry also before undertaking polishing. The wax protects the tyres and will not allow mud and dirt to stick to the tyres. Any excess wax should be wiped off as this could cause dark spots or discolouration to the tyres.
  • As a final touch you could use a tyre dressing. This is a water-based solution which is designed to keep the tyres looking new. It is available in spray form. Apply around three coats of this dressing waiting for each coat to dry before applying the next one.

By following the above steps to keep your wheels and tyres clean and functional you will have the satisfaction of not having to undergo such detailed cleaning during the next cleaning round. There will be less dirt accumulation on the tyres. The detailed cleaning procedure could be done every couple of months to ensure a total sparkling and clean appearance of your car.


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