The Importance of Wheel Alignment for Bayswater


Tire alignment is often overlooked in the catalogue of automobile maintenance and repair. It is not as flashy, or as loudly noticeable, as mufflers, lifters, or brakes. However, they play a vital role in maintaining and prolonging the life and usefulness of your rubber. The cost-conscious consumer does well to remember this.

Tires are expensive, and good tires are doubly so. So when they are purchased, a top-flight alignment is of paramount importance. Your car care technician will be able to ensure that your wheels are running straight and true, and will not wear unduly on one side or the other.

This advice is not only for automobiles; few motorcyclists realise the importance of ensuring their wheels are properly aligned, as well. Not only can misaligned wheels wear your tyres out more quickly and unevenly, they can impact upon the ride and the feel of your bike.

Misaligned wheels can be detected by checking to see if your car runs straight when you take your hands off of the wheel. Any odd vibrations or shimmying on the road is another sure sign of misalignment. Poor cornering and handling, especially in inclement weather, can be the result. But most of all, look at your tires themselves: if they are wearing from the outside in, it could well be worth it to pay us a visit.

Wheel alignment, when done well – like in our Bayswater shop – will encourage good handling and a more relaxing driving experience, as you will not be obliged to correct your direction constantly. The remainder of the undercarriage of your car will also wear more slowly. It is a vital aspect of car care, and at Canterbury, we can perform it for you.

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