Steel Wheels Versus Alloy Wheels - What Serve Your Purpose?


Steel Wheels Versus Alloy Wheels - What Serve Your Purpose?
If you are undecided about whether to upgrade your car with alloy wheels or continue with standard steel wheels, a few facts can help you make an informed choice. Both types of wheels have their own advantage and disadvantage. After all, the wheels of your car not only reflect your personality but also play a major role in safety while driving. They act as an interface between the road and your vehicle so you should always opt for the best. 

Difference between Alloy Wheels and Wheels made of Steel
Usually, most cars have wheels made of steel. This is because steel is tough; durable and looks decent enough to add some aesthetic value to your vehicle. However, these days more and more people are opting for alloy wheel as they offer several advantages over standard wheel made from steel. 

Advantages of Alloy Wheels 
The prime advantage of alloy wheel is that they add a certain class and style to any vehicle. Not only luxurious models, you can fit them to your regular car too in order to add more flair. They are lighter yet quite sturdy as compared to wheels made of steel. Lighter weight means you can accelerate faster; thus saving money on gas mileage. Alloy wheels can also be customized with accessories to further improve their visual appeal. 

Disadvantages of Alloy Wheels
Despite the advantages, alloy wheel have certain disadvantages too. They are more expensive than regular wheels made of steel. Maintenance and repair costs are also higher. Moreover; because of their aesthetic appeal and high cost; such wheels are vulnerable to theft. This means you have to pay more insurance towards your car. Also; despite being sturdy; alloy wheels can crack if they unexpectedly hit undulations on the road. 

Advantages of Wheels made from Steel 
While alloy wheels are all the rage these days; steel wheels have always been the choice for motorists over the years because of several benefits they offer. 
Wheels made of steel are way stronger than alloy wheels. They can bear larger weight without cracking and bending and are quite heavy. Because of their weight, these wheels accelerate at a lower speed, thus enhancing your safety. They are perfect for winter driving as they grip the ice and snow better. Also, wheels made of steel are your perfect choice during off-road driving since they offer more traction at lower speed. 

Wheels made of steel are also cheaper and maintaining them is also easier. Repair costs are low too as steel can just be hammered back to shape if dented. 

Disadvantages of Wheels made from Steel 
Wheels made of steel have certain disadvantages too. Primarily is the aesthetic appeal since alloy wheels are in a class of their own. The wheels also make your car heavier; thereby reducing its performance and gas mileage. And if you do not care for them regularly, the wheels can rust over time once the paint over them comes off. 

So before buying your wheels; consider all the pros and cons of each type; your requirement; budget and vehicle type before taking the final decision. 


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