Unleashing the Rim Reality - Pros and Cons of Alloy Wheels


Unleashing the Rim Reality - Pros and Cons of Alloy Wheels
Wheels made of alloy are the latest fad among motorists who love their cars and will go to any extent for enhancing its looks. Alloy wheels make your car look smart; exclusive; luxurious and are considered a status symbol by many. No wonder, the market for these is expanding rapidly as more and more people invest in them. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages of such wheels and you should know the facts well before taking a decision. 

Wheels made of alloys have aluminium as the primary metal with other trace metals added to it. Initially, such wheels were seen only on expensive sports cars or other luxury vehicles but of late; even budget cars come fitted with these because of their several advantages. 

Wheels made of Alloys have Better Looks 
As compared to steel wheels, wheels made of alloys certainly look better and more stylish. They are mainly a cosmetic upgrade that improves the visual impact of any vehicle. Moreover, the looks and appeal of such wheels can be further improved with accessions and customization. 

Wheels made of Alloys offer Better Heat Dissipation 
Proper heat dissipation is important for your wheels. These wheels allow faster dispersal of heat which means your tyres stay cool and last longer. It also decreases risks of brake failure and provide improved braking performance. 

Wheels made of Alloys provide Superior Performance  
Being made of light aluminium alloy, these wheels have less unsprung weight which makes it easier for you to control your vehicle. Your car can overcome any terrain easily because of better grip, steering and cornering. You can also accelerate in lesser time and save money on gas. 

Disadvantage of alloy wheels
Despite its several advantages, wheels made of alloys have certain disadvantages too. You should know of these beforehand so as to avoid unpleasant surprises later on. 

The primary disadvantage of wheels made of alloys is that they are way over expensive than standard steel wheels. This is because their manufacturing process is complicated and time-consuming which increases the price of the final product. The wheels are also costly to maintain and repair. 

Prone to Theft 
Having high resale value because of their exclusive pricing, wheels made of alloys are more prone to theft. Even your regular car is not safe from thieves if you have wheels made of alloy fitted in them. So make sure you have a secure place to keep your car and also install other precautionary accessories such as locking nuts.  

Less Sturdy 
Although these wheels are made from strong alloys, they are definitely not as strong as steel wheels. Steel is way stronger and can absorb more impact before it cracks or bends. However, wheels made of alloys can actually crack if they unexpectedly hit a pothole.  

Expensive to Maintain 
As mentioned above, these wheels are more attractive to thieves because of their high resale value. This means you will have to pay towards insurance for your car. Wheels made of alloys are also more expensive to maintain and repair. 


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