Five Star Michelin Tyres in Melbourne


Five Star Michelin Tyres in Melbourne

Question: What do fine dining and the tyres have in common?

Answer: The Michelin Brothers.

Many people don’t make the connection, but the two very different strings to the Michelin bow have a strong historical connection. In 1900 Andre and Edouard were determined to make driving an everyday activity rather than a novelty in France. To this end, they wrote a regular guide to the best hotels and restaurants in Europe. They hoped more people would jump in their cars for outings, more tyres would be needed and business would boom. They were right. The automobile industry grew exponentially, the Michelin Guide became the standard to aspire to in hospitality and the brothers flourished.

Little has changed today. Michelin stars are the highest accolades restaurants can receive and Michelin Tyres still set the benchmark for vehicles. We may not know our way around the kitchens of the world’s finest dining establishments, but Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart have been in the tyre business for over 30 years and have unrivalled expertise in Melbourne. If you’re after Michelin Tyres in Bayswater, the surrounding suburbs and beyond, we have the extensive knowledge and range to supply you with the perfect set.

We pride ourselves on the quality of tyres we sell and Michelin never fail to deliver. Michelin Pilot Sport Tyres, in particular, are renowned for their outstanding performance in a huge range of conditions. These tyres are engineered to retain grip and performance in wet and damp conditions, without compromising on these qualities in dry weather. We all know Melbourne is famous for having four seasons in one day, which means Pilot Sport is the ideal brand in the variety of conditions our streets offer. For Pilot Sport or any set Michelin Tyres in Melbourne, come see the friendly team at Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart. We’ll get your vehicle running safely and smoothly through the city and beyond.

From cars that just scraped through their roadworthy to luxury vehicles that demand attention, every car can benefit from a new set of tyres. Michelin tyres will improve handling, grip and performance regardless of the automobile they are attached too. You might say your car is only as good as the tyres you drive on and at Canterbury Tyre and Mag Supamart, we strive to supply you with the best the industry has to offer. For Michelin Tyres in Melbourne, come see us. For Michelin star dining, you might want to look elsewhere.


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