Back to the Future Classic Wheels


Back to the Future: Classic Wheels

They say that fashion changes but style endures. At Canterbury Tyres & Mag Supamart, we’re inclined to agree. Some of our favourite cars are from decades long gone and they never look dated. Almost never, we should say. If you don’t have the wheels to match the ride, it can ruin the whole aesthetic and feel of a classic automobile. We’ve been in the wheel and tyre industry for as long as many of the classic cars we service have been on the road and understand better than anyone what you need to get your car looking and performing its best.

Fellow car enthusiasts will instantly recognise how a set of classic wheels can transform their vehicle into the stuff of dreams. Nothing complements a powerful muscle car or a sleek sports car like the solid old school wheels Canterbury Tyres & Mag Supamart specialise in. Whatever the style of your car and look you’re going for, we have a perfect wheel for you. Whether you want to beef up your Chev Camaro, give your Ford Fairlane a touch of class or add muscle to your mustang, we’ve got you covered.

Our huge range of classic wheels includes:

  • 12 slot
  • 5 slot rally
  • Drag style
  • Globe style
  • Chrome finish
  • Polished finish
  • Matte finish
  • Smoothies
  • Magnums

While we can probably all agree on the merits of retro style, not every feature of a wheel should be old school. At Canterbury Tyres & Mag Supamart we understand that safety and quality belong in the modern world and are an important consideration for all our customers. All the wheels we stock are manufactured to the highest quality by the best in the business. These well-respected brands include:

  • Advanti
  • AWC
  • ROH Wheels
  • Raceline
  • KO Wheels
  • REV Wheels
  • Speedy Wheels
  • Vision Wheels

As with styles and brands, we also offer a complete range of wheel diameters. Maybe you want the tough, low lying look of 14 inch rims, or perhaps you prefer the majesty of 20 inches. We stock these sizes and everything in-between.

When you consider the combination of style, brand and size, the possibilities for your car are almost endless. We have a classic wheel to suit every taste and every car. Regardless of the wheel you settle on, you can enjoy the new look and feel safe in the knowledge that it’s also the best on the road. Take your car back to the future with Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart.


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