Sumitomo: Value Meet Performance

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Few industries are judged on performance to the extent of tyre manufacturers. The quality and durability of a set of tyres becomes evident shortly after they are fitted and those that fall short, lose traction in the market (as well as on the road). One manufacturer continues to impress and it is because of this reputation thatCanterbury Mag & Tyre Supamart stocks one of the most extensive range of Sumitomo tyres in Melbourne.

There aren’t many companies in the world who have had such a long and successful history as Sumitomo. Remarkably, the company began in the 17th century as a medicine shop in Japan and has grown and diversified ever since. Today, they combine the principles and dedication to quality of the founding father – Masatomo Sumitomo – with the technological advances and manufacturing standards of their base in the United States.

While not centuries old, Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart still has over three decades experience providing leading brands of tyres, such as Sumitomo tyres to Melbourne and it’s driving population. We recognise the great value and quality Sumitomo represent and stock a huge range of their tyres, suitable for all types of vehicles and driving conditions. We also offer unrivalled expertise and can recommend the ideal Sumitomo tyre for your vehicle.

One of the great benefits of Sumitomo is the fantastically low rate of tread wear. The durable rubber combined with state of the art manufacturing equipment and techniques means their products are some of the toughest on the market, especially considering their economical price tag. As an authorised dealer of Sumitomo tyres in Melbourne, Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart offer a set of four Tour Plus tyres comes with the company’s 60 000 km tread wear guarantee.

For those who want that extra level of performance without compromising on value, the High Technology Radials 3rd generation (HTR Z III) tyres are engineered for responsive handling, noise reduction, stability at high speed and enhanced traction. These are particularly suited to sports cars and powerful sedans

From the great value of the Tour Plus range, to the outstanding performance of HTR Z III and many between, we have a Sumitomo tyre for every road user. While the specifications and ideal uses differ, the quality of the products is consistently high. This is why Sumitomo is still one of the most respected brands in the world and why Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart are the dealer of choice for Sumitomo tyres in Melbourne.

Summer or All-season Tyres

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Summer is here and that means holiday season. Whether your holiday takes the form of a drive down the coast or a month long road trip, it is the ideal time to fit a new set of tyres. Weather extremes, however, don’t take holidays and significant temperature changes and condition variations are never far away. Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart specialise in supplying the best tyres to Melbourne drivers for the range of conditions they will inevitably face.Just as the Australian landscapes vary from incredibly hot and dry to wet and slippery, so too do our roads. Baking under the scorching sun, the tarmac in many regions heats up and becomes grippier and tougher on certain tyres, while heavy rainfall can leave asphalt surfaces with limited traction. It is important to consider what you will be using your vehicle for and what conditions your tyres will likely experience in the areas you’ll be driving. By choosing the best size, tread and brand for these conditions, you’ll not only extend the life of your tyres, but also significantly improve performance. No matter what combination you select, you can be sure that Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart has the most comprehensive selection of tyres in Melbourne and a set perfect for you.As Melbourne is particularly famous for its four-seasons-in-one-day weather variation, all-season tyres are the best choice for many vehicles. These cover the middle ground and offer great all round durability, stability in a range of conditions and good traction. All-season tyres aren’t as effective at the extreme end of driving conditions as those made specifically for summer or winter, but they do cover much of the spectrum and are great tyres for Melbourne roads.If the forecast is for hot and dry weather, as is the summer outlook for many regions in Australia, you may want to consider a summer tyre. The advantages of these are the safe handling and smooth driving they offer at high speeds and fewer tread kerfs also reduce noise and increase fuel efficiency. You may want to fit a set over the holiday months if you are planning any long holiday drives, or simply to save your winter or-all season tyres for a more appropriate time of year. Find a summer set to best complement how you’ll drive this season amongst one of the most extensive stock of tyres in Melbourne.

Back to the Future Classic Wheels

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Back to the Future: Classic Wheels

They say that fashion changes but style endures. At Canterbury Tyres & Mag Supamart, we’re inclined to agree. Some of our favourite cars are from decades long gone and they never look dated. Almost never, we should say. If you don’t have the wheels to match the ride, it can ruin the whole aesthetic and feel of a classic automobile. We’ve been in the wheel and tyre industry for as long as many of the classic cars we service have been on the road and understand better than anyone what you need to get your car looking and performing its best.

Fellow car enthusiasts will instantly recognise how a set of classic wheels can transform their vehicle into the stuff of dreams. Nothing complements a powerful muscle car or a sleek sports car like the solid old school wheels Canterbury Tyres & Mag Supamart specialise in. Whatever the style of your car and look you’re going for, we have a perfect wheel for you. Whether you want to beef up your Chev Camaro, give your Ford Fairlane a touch of class or add muscle to your mustang, we’ve got you covered.

Our huge range of classic wheels includes:

  • 12 slot
  • 5 slot rally
  • Drag style
  • Globe style
  • Chrome finish
  • Polished finish
  • Matte finish
  • Smoothies
  • Magnums

While we can probably all agree on the merits of retro style, not every feature of a wheel should be old school. At Canterbury Tyres & Mag Supamart we understand that safety and quality belong in the modern world and are an important consideration for all our customers. All the wheels we stock are manufactured to the highest quality by the best in the business. These well-respected brands include:

  • Advanti
  • AWC
  • ROH Wheels
  • Raceline
  • KO Wheels
  • REV Wheels
  • Speedy Wheels
  • Vision Wheels

As with styles and brands, we also offer a complete range of wheel diameters. Maybe you want the tough, low lying look of 14 inch rims, or perhaps you prefer the majesty of 20 inches. We stock these sizes and everything in-between.

When you consider the combination of style, brand and size, the possibilities for your car are almost endless. We have a classic wheel to suit every taste and every car. Regardless of the wheel you settle on, you can enjoy the new look and feel safe in the knowledge that it’s also the best on the road. Take your car back to the future with Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart.

Going the Extra Mile for Wheels and Tyres

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Going the Extra Mile for Wheels and Tyres

Most of us have experienced the flapping of rubber on asphalt that represents the bane of all motorists. Flat tyres are annoying, dangerous and need to be attended to as soon as possible. You’ll likely have a spare, but there’s nothing worse than the spare suffering the same fate before you have fixed the original. As experts in all things tyres, Canterbury Tyres and Mag Supamart offer a comprehensive repair service to get you back on the road.

Any cutting or breaking of a tyre surface can lead to extensive inner damage. A nail or shard of glass embedded in the rubber, or simply continuing to drive on ruptured rubber, can lead to a high-speed blowout. What can be a big deal on the road is no drama for the experienced team at Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart. We’ve been repairing tyres for as long as we’ve been supplying them - for more than three decades! Nor is a puncture repair a big deal for your wallet or schedule. Even a major repair will only set you back $30 and we’ll do the work while you wait.

If your tyres have been down the road a few too many times, we also offer a tyre recycling service. While tread doesn’t last forever, rubber is incredibly durable and any tyre can have a new lease of life when retreaded or used for another purpose. Drop those well-loved and worn tyres off to us and for a couple of dollars we’ll make sure they go to the right places. And while you’re at it, you could check out our huge range of brand spanking new tyres.

Having one wheel beyond repair is a little like having one missing sock and can be especially frustrating for any motorist. A mismatched wheel can upset the look of a car and alter how it drives. Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart has thousands of single and discontinued wheels waiting to go to a good home. Send us a photo of the wheel you desire and we’ll find the exact or best fit amongst our collection.

As you might have gathered, our services extend to anything related to wheels and tyres. Aside from supplying the best new products, we also offer an expert puncture repair service, a wheel finder service if you need a match and even new life for tyres no longer road worthy.

Five Star Michelin Tyres in Melbourne

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Five Star Michelin Tyres in Melbourne

Question: What do fine dining and the tyres have in common?

Answer: The Michelin Brothers.

Many people don’t make the connection, but the two very different strings to the Michelin bow have a strong historical connection. In 1900 Andre and Edouard were determined to make driving an everyday activity rather than a novelty in France. To this end, they wrote a regular guide to the best hotels and restaurants in Europe. They hoped more people would jump in their cars for outings, more tyres would be needed and business would boom. They were right. The automobile industry grew exponentially, the Michelin Guide became the standard to aspire to in hospitality and the brothers flourished.

Little has changed today. Michelin stars are the highest accolades restaurants can receive and Michelin Tyres still set the benchmark for vehicles. We may not know our way around the kitchens of the world’s finest dining establishments, but Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart have been in the tyre business for over 30 years and have unrivalled expertise in Melbourne. If you’re after Michelin Tyres in Bayswater, the surrounding suburbs and beyond, we have the extensive knowledge and range to supply you with the perfect set.

We pride ourselves on the quality of tyres we sell and Michelin never fail to deliver. Michelin Pilot Sport Tyres, in particular, are renowned for their outstanding performance in a huge range of conditions. These tyres are engineered to retain grip and performance in wet and damp conditions, without compromising on these qualities in dry weather. We all know Melbourne is famous for having four seasons in one day, which means Pilot Sport is the ideal brand in the variety of conditions our streets offer. For Pilot Sport or any set Michelin Tyres in Melbourne, come see the friendly team at Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart. We’ll get your vehicle running safely and smoothly through the city and beyond.

From cars that just scraped through their roadworthy to luxury vehicles that demand attention, every car can benefit from a new set of tyres. Michelin tyres will improve handling, grip and performance regardless of the automobile they are attached too. You might say your car is only as good as the tyres you drive on and at Canterbury Tyre and Mag Supamart, we strive to supply you with the best the industry has to offer. For Michelin Tyres in Melbourne, come see us. For Michelin star dining, you might want to look elsewhere.