Icons of the Motoring World: Mercedes Wheels


The Mercedes brand is no shrinking violet. It is among the most recognisable brands in motoring, and driving a ‘Merc’ is a statement in and of itself. If you own one, it is often the centrepiece of your driveway. And you want a set of wheels that matches this car, and the statement that it makes.

Like any other car in the city of Melbourne, a set of wheels can change its entire look and the perception. If you’re in the market, you’re seeking a set of wheels that suits both the make of the car, and the look that you are attempting to portray with your car. It can be a tough decision, and a large variety is absolutely vital for the discerning shopper.

At Canterbury tyres, we know how decorating your Mercedes with adequate, stand-out custom wheels is its own art form. Whether you’re in the market for a low-profile, high performance wheel for an AMG-tuned V8 rocket, or a wide profile, yet stylish, wheel for your SUV, we have something that will befit you and suit your car.

Our shop has been providing Melbourne’s motoring enthusiasts with the perfect wheels for many years now, and with that longevity in our market, we are familiar with the demand for styles and trends in Mercedes wheels. While this isn’t the only manufacturer who we provide with custom wheels, they are among our favourites, and we enjoy the challenge of finding a wheel that will suit your car, and yourself, to a T.

When you’re ready to deck out your Bavarian beauty with some impressive wheels, we are ready to help make it happen. For more information, or to take a look for yourself, pay us a visit, and find out for yourself why we are Melbourne’s experts in our sector.


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