Mercedes Benz X-Class Wheels


Mercedes Benz is a reputed car manufacturer known to have brought out the most stylish and reliable cars. Owing a beautiful Benz is a dream-come- true for a car lover. And in case you own one, don’t you think it’s high time to have changed the tyres and gotten a makeover? Canterbury Tyres is your one-stop-shop for high quality, durable Mercedes Benz wheels that will guarantee you a great driving experience.

Tips to Sand Driving in a 4WD


Cruising on sand is fun while you experience the sun in your face and the wind in your hair. A 4WD is your ideal companion on the beach or on the sand dunes of Australia. Chill out with family and friends as you explore off-the-beaten paths.

How Rims and Wheels Impact Driving


Rims and wheels are of prime importance while you decide to get a makeover for your vehicle. Rims and wheels determine the performance of your vehicle and ultimately the durability, safety and lifespan of your vehicle.

Top 10 Tips for Tyre Maintenance


Ensuring your car’s tyres are roadworthy at all times ensures you have a safe journey and a great driving experience. There are a number of useful tips for tyre maintenance that will keep your car in good stead and let you enjoy your ride for a really long time.

Four Reasons Why Travelling in a 4WD is Better


If you are planning on a weekend getaway and wish to traverse some of the unexplored and risky off-the-beaten paths, travelling in a 4WD makes a lot of sense. A 4WD is suitable for off-roading, be it rocky paths, snowy tracks or steep inclines and declines. A 4WD works by equally distributing torque to the front and rear axles of the vehicle thereby improving traction and control.

How to Know What Type of Tyres You Need?


When it comes to tyres, just like with everything else, there are plenty of options in the market. But knowing what type of tyres you need is really important. A good set of tyres will greatly improve the performance of your car in terms of steering, acceleration and braking while offering safety as well.

Importance of wheel balancing and alignment


Your tyres are one of the most essential elements of your vehicle. As a result, you should make sure that they receive proper maintenance. If you're wondering why you need to keep up with maintenance tasks for your tyres, here is a quick guide to the importance of wheel balancing and alignment.

Why are 4WD Tyre Pressures Important?


When you go off-road 4WD tyre pressures are actually the major thing that determines whether you'll get stuck or you can drive over the surface. You've probably heard that in some cases, you'll need to let the air out of your tyres in order to go off road, but why do you actually need to do this? Here is why 4WD tyre pressures are so important.

Why Should You Change your Tyres?


Keeping your car’s tyres in good condition is considered an essential part of proper vehicle maintenance. Your car's tyres should be changed periodically when the tread becomes worn, the tyres have been on the vehicle for more than 5 years or if there is uneven wear among the four tyres.

Things to consider before choosing custom wheels


Getting custom wheels is no doubt one of the coolest ways to upgrade your vehicle. However, getting the best deal involves more than just selecting a style that you like and buying it right away. Here are the top things to consider before choosing custom wheels.

Maintaining your car's wheels and tyres


Keeping your wheels and tyres in good condition is an essential part of car maintenance. In fact, it is both illegal and extremely dangerous to drive with tyres that are not in roadworthy condition. Here are some tips on car tyre maintenance that you can use to extend the life of your vehicle’s wheels and tyres.

How to determine if your car needs new tyres?


After a prolonged period of time on the road, your tyres will have experienced substantial wear. That is because they are responsibility for the stability of your vehicle, helping you to brake, gripping the payment, handling, fuel economy, and the overall performance of your vehicle.

The impact of under inflated tyres on your car


Low tyre pressure has many impacts on your vehicle. While leaks and outside air temperature can contribute to the lowering of the pressure in your tyres, it is a good idea to make sure that you frequently check your tyres about once per month. Here is the impact of under inflated tyres on your car and the potential safety hazards it can create.

Importance of wheel balancing and alignment


Your tyres are one of the most essential elements of your vehicle. As a result, you should make sure that they receive proper maintenance. If you're wondering why you need to keep up with maintenance tasks for your tyres, here is a quick guide to the importance of wheel balancing and alignment.

Advantages of regular tyre rotation


Tyre rotation is a necessary process that will help you to get the longest life possible from your tyres. There are many benefits to having tyre rotation service performed regularly. Here are the advantages of regular tyre rotation for you to consider.

Tips to prevent dry ROT in tyres


What exactly is tyre dry rot? What are the primary reasons that cause a tyre to rot? The noticeable signs of a decaying tyre are described as dry rot. Tyre dry rot is a common problem that occurs in stagnant cars. It is also known as sidewall cracking as dry rot causes hairline cracks along the tread and sidewalls. Tyres that exhibit symptoms of dry rot are not structurally stable and is quite risky to drive on.

How to inspect and maintain your car tyres


There are multiple factors that lead to tyre wear. Apart from aging, things like incorrect tyre inflation, emergency braking, improper wheel alignment, etc can easily lead to damaging your car tyres.

Few Important facts about Wheel Repair


The wheels of an automobile form an important component of a car. They are extremely crucial for your car’s performance. But still, most of the times car wheels are taken for granted and neglected by vehicle owners. People pay attention to their cars only when something is conspicuously wrong.

5 Major Factors to Consider Before Buying Your Car Tyres


Tyres are one of the most important components of your car. They render the interface between your car and the road. Car tyres play a vital role in your car’s performance and are extremely important for the overall safety. When you fail to choose the right set of tyres of your car, it will have a negative impact on your car’s capacity to increase traction on the road which might lead to severe consequences in future. High-quality tyres will enhance your car’s steering, acceleration, handling and braking performance.

Tyre Repair: Plugging vs Patching


Of late, there has been a major debate going on regarding which is the best way to fix your tyre repairs. Tyre plugs are an easy and convenient way to fix your tyre repairs whereas patches are durable and probably safer for handling your tyre problems. Though there is no definitive answer to this question, both the methods have their own pros and cons.

How to extend the life of your tyres


Replacing your vehicle’s tyres is a costly affair! You can avoid this and extend the life of your tyres by checking and maintaining your tyres in regular intervals. You can minimize the wear and tear of your tyres by following few simple tips. Since your tyres are the only components of your car which is in direct contact with the ground, it is always better to have your tyres checked on a periodic basis to ensure your vehicle’s safety. The lifespan of your tyres can be affected due to multiple reasons.

The Evolution of Custom Wheels


In the initial days, wheels were utilized only as the containers for ascending tires. However, as time progressed wheels became an essential component of the auto manufacturer’s toolkit. In the past, cars came with wheels which had wooden spokes and later transformed into wheels with welded steel.

How rims work and why they matter


How do rims operate? What impact does it have on your driving? Well, the rims of your tyre play a key role in helping you to keep your rubber tyres in place. In the market, tyre rims can be easily found in various sizes and styles. Hence, it is essential to be aware of the differences found among the wide range of tyre rims before you shop for a particular one. Each and every type of tyre rim will have an impact on the efficiency of your car’s functionality in its own way.

Budget tyres - A list of affordable tyres


It’s quite a tough task to find car parts at affordable prices. Tyres form an essential part of your car. Today, you can find several budget-friendly tyre brands in the market. In this blog, we aim at helping you with a few tyre brands which are available at reasonable rates.

Unveiling The Major Paybacks Of Alloy Wheels


Alloy wheels are wheels made from combining aluminium with other trace metals which make the alloy extremely strong. However, avoid alloy wheels made by combining aluminium with magnesium as these are prone to corrosion and are not very strong. Alloy wheels can be customized to suit your dream car and also offer several other benefits. 

Unleashing the Rim Reality - Pros and Cons of Alloy Wheels


Wheels made of alloy are the latest fad among motorists who love their cars and will go to any extent for enhancing its looks. Alloy wheels make your car look smart; exclusive; luxurious and are considered a status symbol by many. No wonder, the market for these is expanding rapidly as more and more people invest in them. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages of such wheels and you should know the facts well before taking a decision.

Steel Wheels Versus Alloy Wheels - What Serve Your Purpose?


If you are undecided about whether to upgrade your car with alloy wheels or continue with standard steel wheels, a few facts can help you make an informed choice. Both types of wheels have their own advantage and disadvantage. After all, the wheels of your car not only reflect your personality but also play a major role in safety while driving. They act as an interface between the road and your vehicle so you should always opt for the best.

Good Tyres and Bad Tyres - Weighing the Possibilities


When the average consumer looks to buy quality tyres for his car, he often struggles to tell the good ones from the bad and feels puzzled (naturally!) as to why the seemingly similar-looking pieces of rubber are priced differently. Well, if you’re one among them, you’d be better off knowing the various aspects that make a few tyres more worthy of your money than others.

Top Tips to Keep Your Tyres and Wheels Clean and Functional


As a vehicle owner you need to be aware that besides having a shiny polished look for the body of your car, you have to ensure that the tyres and wheels are also kept in a clean condition. Dirty tyres can bring down the appearance of any car, so follow the tips given below to see that your car is kept in tip top condition:

On regular cleaning: If you do not regularly see to tyre cleaning the brakes of the car or the sun’s heat could in time bake contaminants into the wheels, making future cleaning extremely difficult. If possible you should avoid taking your car to an automatic car wash centre.

Tackling Wet Weather Driving – Top Tips to Handle the Wheels during Wet Weather Driving


If you have to drive on wet weather days, it is important to keep in mind a few safety tips. Wet weather driving can be dangerous as the car’s wheels can slide and slip and this could lead to a potential accident. So look at the suggested precautions listed below and ensure that you drive safely – both for yourself and other vehicles on the road.

Essential Attributes of 4WD Rims for Melbourne


There is an intrinsic level of toughness that is expected of any and all car parts that pertain to the 4WD market. The terrain that is encountered off road is hard on equipment, and it must be able to take the strain. The danger of encountering difficulties, while at a distance from assistance, doubles the need for gear that won’t let you down.

Especially among the slate stone and packed earth of Victoria, your 4WD rims in Melbourne are asked to cope with a lot. First on the list of attributes is their outright functionality, which means a firm grip on your treads. Little is more useless than a rim that refuses to adequately support the wheels properly. They must provide even support to allow for the odd angles and heavy inclines that you will find in the backwoods.

The Importance of Wheel Alignment for Bayswater


Tire alignment is often overlooked in the catalogue of automobile maintenance and repair. It is not as flashy, or as loudly noticeable, as mufflers, lifters, or brakes. However, they play a vital role in maintaining and prolonging the life and usefulness of your rubber. The cost-conscious consumer does well to remember this.

Tires are expensive, and good tires are doubly so. So when they are purchased, a top-flight alignment is of paramount importance. Your car care technician will be able to ensure that your wheels are running straight and true, and will not wear unduly on one side or the other.

The Impromptu Beginnings of Sumitomo Tyres


This iconic Japanese brand of tyres became an entity way back in 1909, providing wheels and tyres to its own burgeoning transport industry, while based in Yokohama. Originally, they began with offers of bicycle tyres, but their advancement is a lesson in adaptive business behaviour: they have altered their product offerings through the years, in a steady drive to a current position as a market leader.

Icons of the Motoring World: Mercedes Wheels


The Mercedes brand is no shrinking violet. It is among the most recognisable brands in motoring, and driving a ‘Merc’ is a statement in and of itself. If you own one, it is often the centrepiece of your driveway. And you want a set of wheels that matches this car, and the statement that it makes.

Like any other car in the city of Melbourne, a set of wheels can change its entire look and the perception. If you’re in the market, you’re seeking a set of wheels that suits both the make of the car, and the look that you are attempting to portray with your car. It can be a tough decision, and a large variety is absolutely vital for the discerning shopper.

Extreme Tyres: Melbourne’s Tyre Experts discuss Enduro


Enduro racing, or rally raids as they are referred to in Great Britain, are multi-surface races, run against the clock, and are popular worldwide. With courses that include the infamous Dakar, and the huge distances and intensive conditioning required of the racers, the sport places it’s own special demands on racers, machines, and particularly, tyres.

The reason for this is the multiple, diverse surfaces that are involved in these races. They cannot include any more than 30% of sealed asphalt: the remainder are made up of anything from soft, dry sand, to shale, to wet mud, to bare rock. This means that these racers must have as multi-applicable a wheel as exists, in order to maximise their grip and their advantage, through the different surfaces of the race.




BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres


At Melbourne Tyres, we focus on stocking the finest rubber available in Melbourne, and all of Victoria. We are driving enthusiasts, and enjoy bringing quality to our client base. This is why we’ve made a habit of stocking the remarkably BF Goodrich All Terrain tyre.

Extreme Tyres: Melbourne’s tyre authority discuss slicks


The logic behind the racing slick tyre is a simple one: by eliminating any sort of groove or tread in the tyre, you are able to create a larger contact patch to grip the pavement. That means harder cornering, a better grip, and a faster car. But the use of these tyres is a more complex proposition than that. Slicks, as your Melbourne tyre experts call them, are different.

Tyres Melbourne


In our first instalment of this series on the most extreme members of the tyre family, we discussed the custom Michelins on board the vaunted Bugatti Veyron. Now, we take a look to the stars, to an even faster and more complex mechanical creature than that.

The space shuttle was the primary vehicle of the NASA Space Agency from the 1970s onward. Mounted on a triplet of solid-fuel rocket boosters, launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida, the four space shuttles were created for their ability to be reused: after re-entry, they were landed in the manner of your typical jet. Notably hard -wearing, the four shuttles were able to be used and reused on 135 missions throughout its life, until the program was officially shut down in 2011.

Cheap tyres Melbourne


There are very few elements of the Bugatti Veyron which might count as 'average'. The world's fastest production car exceeds expectations in its performance by going above and beyond the normal degree of attention to automotive detail, even for supercars. And the tyres on this particular masterpiece are no exception. If you're driving your Veyron around in Melbourne, cheap tyres do not apply, I'm afraid.

Looking after those tyred old wheels


Safety is paramount when it comes to the performance and handling of your car. Melbourne’s unpredictable weather can turn a dry road surface into a wet and slippery one in a matter of minutes. When this happens you want your tyres to adapt to the conditions and deliver you to your destination safely. As a car owner, if you treat your car with the love and respect that it deserves, it will repay the favour. Otherwise, you can expect to be left frustrated by constant visits to the mechanic.

How a Change in Wheels Will Help your Vehicle Look Great and Perform Better


There are few components of a vehicle that motorists enjoy changing more often than wheels. Fitting a new set is a relatively simple way to greatly improve the appearance of your car or 4WD. New or used wheels in Melbourne are an excellent way for motorists to accessorise, express themselves and let their personality shine through their vehicle. A change of wheels is not solely for aesthetic purposes however, and it can improve the performance of your vehicle in several ways. Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart is the expert for all things wheels and will explore some of these performance benefits.

The Michelin Formula


Michelin has just launched a bid to become the sole supplier of Formula 1 tyres from 2017. The manufacturer is renowned for tough, durable tyres and the Formula 1 competition represents the ultimate testing ground. While regular Melbourne motorists drive at a more sedate pace, the great qualities that have made Michelin a frontrunner in the world of Formula 1 can also be applied to more standard vehicles. Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart have long recognised these qualities, which is why we stock the most extensive range of Michelin tyres in Bayswater, Melbourne and beyond.

New or Used?


Cars are complex machines and there are hundreds of components that combine to make each vehicle good or bad. One of the most integral components, however, are our tyres and the value of them shouldn’t be underestimated. High quality tyres are a major factor in vehicle safety and performance. Conversely, poor quality tyres are a major factor in road accidents and in the reduction of on-road performance. There are hundreds and hundreds of options though, and selecting the most appropriate tyre for your needs and vehicle type can seem overwhelming.

Think BFGoodrich All Terrain or Mud Terrain this Winter


After the onset of winter we all need to rug up to keep warm. Cars, too, need to be fitted appropriately for the conditions and 4WDs are no exception. A change in tyre will not only go a long way to improving your vehicle’s performance, it will also make it safer on the road. Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart is the specialist provider of high quality, cheap tyres in Melbourne and can help you get the best out of your vehicle this winter..

Staying Safe in the Rain


With Melbourne's unpredictable weather, local motorists are likely to spend a lot of time each year driving in the rain. Your tyres can make a huge difference to your safety in the rain. A set of BFGoodrich all terrain tyres, for example, are ideal for almost anything Melbourne can throw at you meteorologically. Tyres can only do so much for safety and performance though. The rest is up to motorists and how responsibly and well they drive.

Taking your Tyres on Holiday


Aside from the lengthy amount of time you’ll likely be on the road, you are also probably carrying a lot of extra weight. Not from all those BBQs, but from the extra people, luggage, food and all the other paraphernalia that you can’t resist bringing with you. As the experts at providing new, used and cheap tyres to Melbourne, Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart know all too well how important checking your tyres and filling them to the right pressure is.

An Excellent Crash Landing


What is the best way to simultaneously test and show the world how tough your new tyre is? Easy. Fly to 10000 feet with a few BFGoodrich All Terrain tyres, throw them from the back of a plane and film them crashing to Earth.

The team behind the stunt chose the rocky landscape on Stansbury Island, Utah as the drop zone. The sharp uneven surface promised to truly test the strength and durability of BFGoodrich All Terrain tyres and the integrity of the brand.

Michelin Set to Roll-out Selfseal Tyres


Always at the forefront of their industry, Michelin have developed a compound that seals by itself when a tyre is punctured. Selfseal will be rolled out in 2015 and will be applicable to the full range of Michelin Tyres in Melbourne when the innovation reaches Australian shores.

Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart is also at the forefront of their industry and look forward to the introduction of the technology into the local market. Always looking to improve their service, it is little wonder they are known as the premier stockists of Michelin in Ringwood, Croydon, Bayswater and elsewhere in Melbourne.

The Best of America in Australia


When you think of trucks in the USA, Chevrolet will likely be the first make that comes to mind. The brand is iconic in the states and abroad. With the rugged outback and expansive tracts of land, Australia is perfect for Chevrolet’s range of robust and reliable trucks. And Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart is the perfect place to find chev wheels in Bayswater, Ringwood and beyond..

Balance and Align


There’s nothing more frustrating for a car owner than, a few weeks after buying a new set of wheels or tyres, they discover that their vehicle vibrates when driven. If this is the case, chances are your vehicle needs a wheel balance in Bayswater at Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart.

New Style For an Australian Icon


Although founded and based in the United States, there is nowhere in the world where Ford vehicles are more revered than in Australia. Melbourne certainly shares this passion for the iconic brand. Few car owners care more about the look and performance of their beloved vehicle than Ford enthusiasts. A large part of this is, of course, wheels and Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart specialise in providing Ford wheels to Bayswater and beyond. .

Benefits of Alloy Wheels


Maybe it is their aesthetic appeal, maybe it is their practicality, or perhaps a combination of both, but wheels have long fascinated the motoring community. A very important component of any wheel is the material used in the manufacturing process. Traditionally, steel was the metal of choice, but alloy is increasing greatly in popularity due to its many advantages. At Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart, we also love these benefits and stock one of the best selections of alloy wheels in Melbourne.

Making a Wheel Impression


First impressions count and a set of wheels will often make or break the look of your car. A brand new foursome of rolling steel mags will not only add sophistication to any vehicle, but also improve the handling and performance on the road. Enabling you to make that impression and get that performance, Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart stock the most comprehensive range of mag wheels in Melbourne.

Tips for Selecting New Tyres


To most of us, all tyres seem more or less the same. Black rubber with tread is a description most people would give if asked. The truth is, there are literally thousands of different tyres to choose from and even a minor variation can have a huge impact on the performance of your car and the cost of the product.