Essential Attributes of 4WD Rims for Melbourne

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There is an intrinsic level of toughness that is expected of any and all car parts that pertain to the 4WD market. The terrain that is encountered off road is hard on equipment, and it must be able to take the strain. The danger of encountering difficulties, while at a distance from assistance, doubles the need for gear that won’t let you down.

Especially among the slate stone and packed earth of Victoria, your 4WD rims in Melbourne are asked to cope with a lot. First on the list of attributes is their outright functionality, which means a firm grip on your treads. Little is more useless than a rim that refuses to adequately support the wheels properly. They must provide even support to allow for the odd angles and heavy inclines that you will find in the backwoods.

Secondly, abrasion resistance. While functionality is of prime importance, no one wants to cruise back in to town with a pair of wheels that are wearing innumerable chips and dings from a weekend in the bush. 4wd rims for Melbourne’s offroading community must be resistant to dings, retaining their aesthetic, while offering premium performance.

Your 4wd is a whole package, which comes together to become greater than the sum of its parts. It is your escape, and reliability and style combine in your driveway to offer a vehicle that can be driven with pride. You don’t want to deck it out with anything but the finest wheels. Contact us to find our more about our fine collection of 4wd wheels for Melbourne, today!

The Importance of Wheel Alignment for Bayswater

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Tire alignment is often overlooked in the catalogue of automobile maintenance and repair. It is not as flashy, or as loudly noticeable, as mufflers, lifters, or brakes. However, they play a vital role in maintaining and prolonging the life and usefulness of your rubber. The cost-conscious consumer does well to remember this.

Tires are expensive, and good tires are doubly so. So when they are purchased, a top-flight alignment is of paramount importance. Your car care technician will be able to ensure that your wheels are running straight and true, and will not wear unduly on one side or the other.

This advice is not only for automobiles; few motorcyclists realise the importance of ensuring their wheels are properly aligned, as well. Not only can misaligned wheels wear your tyres out more quickly and unevenly, they can impact upon the ride and the feel of your bike.

Misaligned wheels can be detected by checking to see if your car runs straight when you take your hands off of the wheel. Any odd vibrations or shimmying on the road is another sure sign of misalignment. Poor cornering and handling, especially in inclement weather, can be the result. But most of all, look at your tires themselves: if they are wearing from the outside in, it could well be worth it to pay us a visit.

Wheel alignment, when done well – like in our Bayswater shop – will encourage good handling and a more relaxing driving experience, as you will not be obliged to correct your direction constantly. The remainder of the undercarriage of your car will also wear more slowly. It is a vital aspect of car care, and at Canterbury, we can perform it for you.

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The Impromptu Beginnings of Sumitomo Tyres

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This iconic Japanese brand of tyres became an entity way back in 1909, providing wheels and tyres to its own burgeoning transport industry, while based in Yokohama. Originally, they began with offers of bicycle tyres, but their advancement is a lesson in adaptive business behaviour: they have altered their product offerings through the years, in a steady drive to a current position as a market leader.

This adaptation by Sumitomo Tyre and Rubber Industries has led it through two World Wars, one Great Depression, post-war difficulties, and the stock crash of the early 90s. As they evolved, they moved from bicycle tyres to motorcycle tires to cars, providing rubber for aerospace, expanding their offerings in to such areas as soccer and tennis balls, and more.

The key to this success has been the typical Japanese focus on quality control. Having struck a deal with the British tyre firm Dunlop in 1909, the fledgling firm used this relationship to bring the necessary expertise and manufacturing acumen to their own work. To compete, however, they needed to create a comparable tyre domestically, and on a short time frame. Methods of production were tight and expertly set up, governed by some of the toughest standards in the industry. It paid big dividends.

The end result from Sumitomo Tyres is rubber that is worn by some of Japan’s most legendary cars, from the NSX, to the new Nissan GTR. They provide a wide range of wheels and tyres to suit anything that this island nation can throw at its road-going vehicles.

For more information on this unique company and its tyres, pop your head in to Canterbury Tyres for a chat today!

Icons of the Motoring World: Mercedes Wheels

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The Mercedes brand is no shrinking violet. It is among the most recognisable brands in motoring, and driving a ‘Merc’ is a statement in and of itself. If you own one, it is often the centrepiece of your driveway. And you want a set of wheels that matches this car, and the statement that it makes.

Like any other car in the city of Melbourne, a set of wheels can change its entire look and the perception. If you’re in the market, you’re seeking a set of wheels that suits both the make of the car, and the look that you are attempting to portray with your car. It can be a tough decision, and a large variety is absolutely vital for the discerning shopper.

At Canterbury tyres, we know how decorating your Mercedes with adequate, stand-out custom wheels is its own art form. Whether you’re in the market for a low-profile, high performance wheel for an AMG-tuned V8 rocket, or a wide profile, yet stylish, wheel for your SUV, we have something that will befit you and suit your car.

Our shop has been providing Melbourne’s motoring enthusiasts with the perfect wheels for many years now, and with that longevity in our market, we are familiar with the demand for styles and trends in Mercedes wheels. While this isn’t the only manufacturer who we provide with custom wheels, they are among our favourites, and we enjoy the challenge of finding a wheel that will suit your car, and yourself, to a T.

When you’re ready to deck out your Bavarian beauty with some impressive wheels, we are ready to help make it happen. For more information, or to take a look for yourself, pay us a visit, and find out for yourself why we are Melbourne’s experts in our sector.

Extreme Tyres: Melbourne’s Tyre Experts discuss Enduro

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Enduro racing, or rally raids as they are referred to in Great Britain, are multi-surface races, run against the clock, and are popular worldwide. With courses that include the infamous Dakar, and the huge distances and intensive conditioning required of the racers, the sport places it’s own special demands on racers, machines, and particularly, tyres.

The reason for this is the multiple, diverse surfaces that are involved in these races. They cannot include any more than 30% of sealed asphalt: the remainder are made up of anything from soft, dry sand, to shale, to wet mud, to bare rock. This means that these racers must have as multi-applicable a wheel as exists, in order to maximise their grip and their advantage, through the different surfaces of the race.

Enduro tyres, even above and beyond that of slicks or racing tyres, are very much expendable: in order to grip all of these different surfaces, a softer compound is necessary, which by its very nature, will wear out quickly, particularly if it encounters the tougher, harder, and hotter surfaces of asphalt or shale. In many cases, enduro racers will be changing these tyres out after each run.

This comes with the soft rubber: the knobs on some enduro wheels are so pliable, they can be twisted nearly 180 degrees, with only one’s fingers. It is little wonder, then, that the sport can be an expensive affair.

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BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres

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At Melbourne Tyres, we focus on stocking the finest rubber available in Melbourne, and all of Victoria. We are driving enthusiasts, and enjoy bringing quality to our client base. This is why we’ve made a habit of stocking the remarkably BF Goodrich All Terrain tyre.

Since breaking on to the scene, these units have set the standard for all-terrain versatility. Easily moving between off-road and tarmac, this tire is aggressive enough for the backwoods, while being forgiving enough to offer a great ride. This versatility allows for more time spent driving, and less time changing over to your off-road tyres.

But it’s the toughness of this tyre which sets it apart. The Australian landscape is not a forgiving one on tyres, between the intense summer heat and the dry, hard-packed trails. The aggressive tread of these tyres simply eats up tough terrain, while a dual tread radius improves the distribution of stress and wear.

As proven by 120 years of innovation, along with wins in Baja and Paris Dakar, these wheels have a pedigree that is unmatched, in some of the most difficult terrain in the world. They can bring this reputation to your driving experience. Come in to Canterbury Tyres for a look at some of the world’s finest rubber.

Extreme Tyres: Melbourne’s tyre authority discuss slicks

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The logic behind the racing slick tyre is a simple one: by eliminating any sort of groove or tread in the tyre, you are able to create a larger contact patch to grip the pavement. That means harder cornering, a better grip, and a faster car. But the use of these tyres is a more complex proposition than that. Slicks, as your Melbourne tyre experts call them, are different.

These tyres are very unsuitable for any manner of wet environment. That is one of the reasons that true slicks are not legal for road use: when it rains, these tires are unable to expel water from the contact patch. This leads to hydroplaning, which causes a severe loss of traction. Ayrton Senna was infamous for refusing to change his tyre selection in Formula One, when all of his competitors had pitted, saying he enjoyed the challenge.

However, while they may not be a good choice in the wet, slicks have other advantages beyond the contact patch. Their lack of a tread pattern means they don’t warp under load, allowing for softer rubber to be used in their construction. This, in turn, reduces the life of the tyre – your average Formula One race car will go through several full sets in a race – but this malleable, soft rubber is able to stick to the pavement like fly paper.

This sort of tyre has its peak in drag car racing. Here, the driving wheels are fitted with slicks of a particular speciality: they are built with ‘wrinklewall’ slicks, which allow the sidewall to be twisted and ‘torqued’ by the engine’s power at launch, reducing the odds of wheel spin. As speed builds, the centrifugal force of the spinning wheels expands the wheel, increasing the gear ratio of the car.

As your Melbourne tyre experts, we can tell you, there is often more to your rubber than meets the eye.

Tyres Melbourne

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In our first instalment of this series on the most extreme members of the tyre family, we discussed the custom Michelins on board the vaunted Bugatti Veyron. Now, we take a look to the stars, to an even faster and more complex mechanical creature than that.

The space shuttle was the primary vehicle of the NASA Space Agency from the 1970s onward. Mounted on a triplet of solid-fuel rocket boosters, launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida, the four space shuttles were created for their ability to be reused: after re-entry, they were landed in the manner of your typical jet. Notably hard -wearing, the four shuttles were able to be used and reused on 135 missions throughout its life, until the program was officially shut down in 2011.

Landing these shuttles presented a technical difficulty for tyre makers. Due to the presence of its re-entry heat shields, and given the unique stresses placed on the shuttle during launch, it is exceedingly heavy as an aircraft. When landed, the space shuttle weighted over three times the weight of a 747. The tyre pressure had to also cope with the enormous changes in atmospheric pressure experienced during the flight, the lack of space available for landing gear on board the shuttle, and the impact of hitting the tarmac at nearly 400km/h.

Engineers tackled these problems in a number of interesting ways. The pressure in the tyres during landing sits at a whopping 340PSI, to accommodate the weight of the aircraft, and the fact that the shuttle only incorporates six tyres total among its landing gear in the interest of space. The tyres themselves are inflated with nitrogen, rather than oxygen, as it is less reactive to atmospheric pressure. And to accommodate weight considerations, the tyres were created with no tread on them. Every little bit helps. The tyres were also replaced at the end of each mission.

And in thirty years of landings, they experienced precisely zero blowouts. Not a bad track record.

Cheap tyres Melbourne

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There are very few elements of the Bugatti Veyron which might count as 'average'. The world's fastest production car exceeds expectations in its performance by going above and beyond the normal degree of attention to automotive detail, even for supercars. And the tyres on this particular masterpiece are no exception. If you're driving your Veyron around in Melbourne, cheap tyres do not apply, I'm afraid.

At 540mm, they are the widest tyres ever placed on a production car. They sit 520 in height, on rims which can only be fitted with the tyres twice, before Bugatti insists on a replacement to ensure the beading remains flawless. Each set of wheels costs $40 000 USD – the same as a well-kitted Volkswagen Golf.

Designed by Michelin specifically for this car, the tyres on the Veyron must be capable of a lot. Given the car can travel over 160km/h faster than the landing speed of a jetliner, the centrifugal force on the tyres can be extreme. It is this same centrifugal force which typically requires tyres on record-breaking rocket cars to be constructed of solid rubber, so the spinning at extreme speeds doesn't make them lose shape or worse, disintegrate. Cheap tyres are a threat to safety at these speeds, so provided you could find a Melbourne street straight enough to wind it up so high, you could come to a safe stop.

Apart from this, the Veyron's extreme tyres must be able to handle the torsional stress of hard cornering, and must be sticky to hold the pavement. They also need to be able to last somewhat longer than a racing tire. And lastly, because this is a luxury car, they also feature a run-flat quality, and are capable of running on zero tire pressure for nearly 200 kilometres at 80 km/h.

An impressive feat of engineering, and an even more impressive price tag.