BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres


At Melbourne Tyres, we focus on stocking the finest rubber available in Melbourne, and all of Victoria. We are driving enthusiasts, and enjoy bringing quality to our client base. This is why we’ve made a habit of stocking the remarkably BF Goodrich All Terrain tyre.

Since breaking on to the scene, these units have set the standard for all-terrain versatility. Easily moving between off-road and tarmac, this tire is aggressive enough for the backwoods, while being forgiving enough to offer a great ride. This versatility allows for more time spent driving, and less time changing over to your off-road tyres.

But it’s the toughness of this tyre which sets it apart. The Australian landscape is not a forgiving one on tyres, between the intense summer heat and the dry, hard-packed trails. The aggressive tread of these tyres simply eats up tough terrain, while a dual tread radius improves the distribution of stress and wear.

As proven by 120 years of innovation, along with wins in Baja and Paris Dakar, these wheels have a pedigree that is unmatched, in some of the most difficult terrain in the world. They can bring this reputation to your driving experience. Come in to Canterbury Tyres for a look at some of the world’s finest rubber.


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